Chicwish review

Hi fashion junkie!!!! Did you see some Chicwish ads in Facebook or IG but you aren’t sure about buying there? How the clothes fit and their quality? Or are you interested in finding cute outfits out of the ordinary? Well, if this is you, let me give you my honest review of Chicwish. Let’s go!

Chicwish is a trendy brand with a lot of cute pieces of different styles. I wore some outfits I got on Chicwish during the summer season and I recently bought some more pieces for autumn.

Shopping on Chicwish is easy. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the garments you find that you like (dresses, sweaters, knits, skirts, rompers, crop tops, trousers, accesories, … going from vintage to modern), but I can assure you’ll find what your are looking for.

One thing that I love of Chicwish is that you can see how the instagrammers wear the pieces. The BEST thing you can do to improve your experience is see different women (with different body types) wearing the same pieces. After that, you can decide if you really want them.

Now, let me break down the wonderful experience of buying on Chicwish.


I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t expect the clothes to have such high quality as I had had bad online shopping experiences where clothes were poorly made.

When I talk about quality I mean the fabric, the seams, the stitches, buttons, zippers and so on, if all of them live up to my standards, then I can say that the quality is good.

The price range of the pieces on Chicwish is similar to the one of brands like Zara, Mango, ASOS or H&M, but the fabric of Chicwish clothes is clearly superior so the value-for-money is better. The concept of quality is not only that the clothes remain intact after you wash them, it’s also the kind of touch they have, the vibrant colors and that you don’t end up buying a piece whose fabric is transparent when in the picture it looked solid.


All the pieces that I ordered in Chicwish fit true to size, although I was nervous about it because I have a latin body type and that makes online shopping complicated.

I usually wear sizes 38, 40, M in Zara or Mango so in Chicwish I ordered size M for all the garments and they fit me perfectly. If the garment’s size are S-M or M-L, I always choose S-M. Then, I can say the sizing is consistent across items. Let me show you the fantastic pieces I got.

Come see my Chicwish haul:

It fits me perfectly. I don’t like very tight clothes and even less if they are in satin, then it was great. The fabric is thicker than usually for satin so it’s forgiving with any body imperfection, it’s absolutely favoring. One important thing in this kind of dress is that you can adjust its length with straps.

Perfect length, the buttons on a side, and the opening in the leg are the magic touch.

The skirt, wich I was the most excited for, ended up exceeding my expectation. It’s exactly like in the photos on Chicwish. I was nervious about it being see-through but it wasn’t. The skirt is high-waisted, the zipper is on the right side and it runs smoothly. It fits perfectly and the fabric is fresh for summer. I really love the pleating of the ruffles.

See the photos below, this dress is just so beautiful! I love how warm the top is and how the skirt hangs and its fullness. This dress has a lining so you don’t have to worry about transparency. It fits me perfectly, although it doesn’t look exactly like in the photo of Chicwish. In Chicwish the top part of the dress looks longer on the model than on me, I supposed it would look the same in my size but I should have order an L instead of an M; I prefer that because I was thinking to wear it with a belt and a leather jacket. What do you think?

This is a cute leather mini skirt perfect to wear with a beautiful blouse or knit sweater. I love the elastic waist and its creases. It doesn’t look tight, perfect to hide your tummy. It’s not leather but it looks matte and has the perfect thickness. You can use it for an informal look or dress it up to go to the office. You can wear it with XL boots or with stilettos and you’ll look great in both.

I think this poncho has the best quality of all the pieces I ordered. This is really warm, comfy and looks adorable. I couldn’t be happier with it. I think this is the kind of piece that you don’t find in other stores and you feel pretty wearing it.

Perfect to wear with a mini black skirt, with white trousers, and wide leg jeans.


To be honest, this is the only drawback of Chicwish. The shipping time is around two and a half weeks, too long for me. Ok, It’s not a long time but you need to know it if you are thinking of wearing something you liked on Chicwish for an upcoming event.

The advantage is you can get free shipping on orders over 50$, great!!!!


You can return any Chicwish item and get a refund within 30 days from the date you receive it. I haven’t returned any pieces but I have read that the process is very easy so you won’t have any problems. The bad news is that if you live in Europe you must return the pieces to UK and you will be charged for the shipping costs.


Maybe you are cautious when you shop online, me too, but you don’t have to worry about Chicwish’s been legit. They are a reliable shop with a team working behind every order. I have been in contact with them about fees and I can assure you they’ll give support you if you need it. Chicwish vouches for a good return policy, replace defective items for free and cover all import duty fees. Then, I can say, of course Chicwish is legit.

I hope my Chicwish review help you to decide if you have any doubt about to shop on Chicwish.